Madhu Valli is a 23 year old singer/recording artist/performer/songwriter who’s in the process of building an empire in her birth country, India, but her dream is to be the first Indian female mainstream vocalist in the United States. Her parents left India to bring her to the US when she was 2 so she could have a better life here and would be able to follow her dreams.


      Madhu sings in multiple genres and languages. She is a former Miss Piedmont Region Teen and Miss Capitol Region for the Miss America Organization. She is also a former Miss India DC 2015, former Miss India USA 2016, and former Miss India Worldwide 2017 for the Miss India Worldwide Organization. 


      She has written and recorded three music albums since she was 12 - “Show ‘Em - EP” , “Highschool” , & “No Pretending”, which can be purchased/previewed on Apple Music, Spotify, Amazon, and all major music sites. She made her debut performance on July 24th, 2015 at Echostage in DC when she opened up live in concert for international sensation Flo Rida. She released her first Bollywood (Hindi) music video called “Sama The Summer Love” in May of 2018 through the King of Bollywood Pop, Mika Singh's label, M&S Music and Sound which received over 9.5+ million views within the first three and a half weeks of release. This record is a cover/remix of one of Bollywood’s most famous songs “Sama Hai Suhana” by the legendary Kishore Kumar. She also released her second Hindi record, "Party Girl" through Zee Music, known to be on elf the top 2 music labels in all of India, which reached over 136,000 views. 


      Currently Madhu is working on a brand new 4th American R&B/Trap Soul album in Las Vegas produced by 8 time Grammy nominated producer and former Navy Seal B. Taylor. She is also working on her next Indian hit record. She has also redirected her efforts towards the fashion industry and is in the process of opening her own fashion line, "KHUSH KOUTURE". 

"Madhu wants to be the a bridge between Hollywood and Bollywood. She wants to be the first Indian mainstream female vocalist in the United States" ~ Indian Express